How can we get involved?

A way for your school or group or work  to get involved in the Kindness project would be………………..

  1. Have a kindness day- get in touch and we can organise Henry the Bear to visit your school or group ,that week the children would pledge to do an act of kindness and bring in a donation of a pound
  2. The school council may have an idea e.g penalty shot, out sponsoring themselves a pound each and their act of kindness pays for a volunteer when they raise £25
  3. Your staff team could have a collection box and pledge to do acts of kindness at home ( and work ) eg Alli donates £5 and makes tea for everyone all day ( this often means that Alli’s relative thinks that’s a great thing to do for a local charity and he then donates £5)
  4. Parents/guardians hear about the project and think , this year let’s donate our concert money as a kIndness to Home-Start
  5. Work places  think it only takes £25 to provide a volunteer to support a local family, as a group we will put our names in the hat and give our nominated person an act of kindness

Remember each £25 will pay for a visit to a family in need – Kindness grows -one kindness at a time – give it a go 

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