Here is a story of why one parent decided to get involved !

As a father I am fortunate to have healthy children, a partner and a wider support network. Despite this, parenting is the most challenging thing I have ever done.  

I joined Home-Start Watford and Three Rivers as a volunteer to support parents who have additional challenges, in the hope that I can make their’ lives a little easier. My nerves about joining the preparation course disappeared on day 1, thanks to the reassurance and support offered by the wonderful team! I met genuinely nice people from different backgrounds but with the same intention – to help parents in the local community. The course made me question my own beliefs and prejudices, and opened my eyes to difficulties other parents face on a daily basis – often without so much as a listening ear. I learned a great deal and have become more grateful for my own situation as a result. 

You don’t have to be a perfect parent but your support could make a huge difference to struggling parents and their’ young children. 

If you are able to spare some time in your week, please contact Home-Start to discuss volunteering opportunities. You won’t regret it!’ – from Sam

Our next Volunteer Preparation course begins in September and there are lots of other ways to get involved – contact the team on: or call on 01923 248010