Why and how I’ve got involved in the kindness Project 

At Home-Start Watford and three Rivers you’ll often hear us talking about the local community and how important it is to us that we all keep working to make our area a better place to live!

The kindness project came about as we began to discuss what the essence of Home-start is and how each time a volunteer visits a family this act of kindness begins a process of change

So here is my kindness project so far……………..

1.My project started ( if you know me I’m a big feeder) with a special dinner for husband – which he gladly donated for ( eventually)

2. Second came bringing a lunch to share at a training day – which a rushed colleague was very glad to join in!

3. A beer and chat came third! ( obviously I am not encouraging alcohol consumption)

4. A special gift of a notebook for a friend for her ideas

5. Leaving a trolley at Aldi already with it’s pound in for all those rushed people who always forget their pound

( that’s me usually – oh and yes will be next time as I gave away my pound!)

6. Kindness to myself donation £5 , off to do a craft workshop which I love love loved !!!!

7. Water bombs – yes you can have all your mates over and leave bits of plastic all over the garden

8.Cleared out my change and put it in my donation box- happiness point to me!!!

9.Lent my daughter my very stylish beach – well I say lend i may never see it again

10.Trip to the Krishna Temple with a special friend – double kindness one to her one to me as i had a great day full of yoga meditation and great veg curry

11. Donations collected from around the house for our charity shop- kindness bonus here , it’s always good to have a clutter buster

12. Kindness challenge to myself , swim all I can during the school holidays as school run is out of the way – i get an hour back a day !!!!

13. The kindness came back , a lovely friend lent us their beach hut so we could take an unexpected trip to the beach, took a couple of friends with us too

14. I have an art pass for the Tate modern had a lovely trip to see the Picasso exhibition with my bestie


In all it’s becoming quite a journey and I’m enjoying thinking of all

the ways I can fit kindnesses into my day!

We’d love to hear about your acts of kindness- send us your stories and pictures at


Join us!!!! lets change our community one kindness at a time