As a parent I know this is one I would sponsor!!!!!

Why not join us this summer and get your children to take part in our ‘Sponsored Kindness project’?

Tidy your room!!!!!

Already this summer I’ve spoken to a number of groups of people about our Kindness project and there are so many ways I am sure it can help us all through this long hot summer. My first would be sponsoring my beautiful children to keep their rooms tidy  ( this meaning at an acceptable level of tidied mess I expect!) I have suggested to all the groups of teenagers we have worked with that this is a good one to start with !!!

How about a Sponsored kindness day once a week ?

How about nominating one day of your hols a week to have as a kindness day

ideas ……

  • no fighting in the car on the way to places for the day
  • no moaning about being bored
  • everyone using their kind words
  • invite their friends for tea ( kindness swaps with other families are great )

There are so many ways you could encourage them to be kind to themselves and others this summer!

It’s worth a bash , happy holidays people and remember kindness comes back !!!!! 

sign up here

or print this sheet 

Thank you and remember each £25 raised will help a family in need